Robotics Portfolio

This is a brief summary of relevant experience I have in robotics. This includes both my graduate school research in the robotics area, as well as some personal projects that I have done in my spare time. Please take a look at what I have done, and please let me know if you have any questions!

MAHI Open Exo Software - A C++ library was made to accompany the Mahi Open Exo robot. The library uses the MAHI labs internal libraries, and makes controlling the robot simple and intuitive. The library also enables seamless communication with the Mahi Open Exo simulation, which enables all software intended to run on the physical robot to be tested in a safe environment.
topics - robotics, software, simulation

MAHI Open Exo Simulation - I created a simulation of the new robot that we were designing in my lab. The simulation of the 4 DOF serial robot enabled me to test, and even tune parameters for novel control algorithms without needing the physical robot and
topics - robotics, dynamics, simulation, kinematics, Solidworks, C#, c++, python

MAHI Open Exo Hardware Design - My coworker and I designed a new robot based on two previously used robots to account for the shortcomings of each. The new robot is a 4-DOF serial robot capable of manipulating a users elbow flexion/extension, forearm pronation/supination, wrist flexion/extension, and wrist radial/ulnar deviation. The design involved designing and manufacturing all-new parts as well as updating and adapting parts from previous robots.
topics - robotics, dynamics, hardware, kinematics

MAHI Open Exo Electronics Design - I designed new electronics to accompany the new robot that was being built. Our old robot electronics enclosures were bulky, expensive and difficult to troubleshoot, so the new design cut down costs, increased portability and manufacturability, and improved debugging capabilities.
topics - robotics, electronics, pcb

MAHI Exo II Dynamics and Simulation - This details how I computed the dynamics and created a simulation for a 5-dof parallel robot so that I could test software without needing the physcial robot. This came about due to covid, but has become an integral part of my workflow, allowing me to validate new test protocols and control algorithms without touching the physical robot.
topics - robotics, dynamics, simulation, kinematics, Solidworks, C++, python

FES C++ UART Interface Library - I created a high-level C++ library to interface with a research-grade UART-based FES control system. The instruction for device communication explain the low-level UART control for very fine-grained functionality, but I wanted an interface that was human-readable and easily adjusted, so I made a high-level C++ library that has intitive functions like stim.set_amp(), stim.set_pw(), etc.
topics - FES, C++, gui, python

Generalized Dynamics and Simulation - This builds off of the DH visualization program using Unity, and extends it to find closed-form dynamic equations and can simulate them given valid mass properties, all from a GUI. This can speed up the design process by enabling quick iteration solely based on DH parameters and mass properties to understand what dynamic behaviours can be expected.
topics - robotics, dynamics, simulation, kinematics, dh

DH Convention Visualizer - This is an program that I made using Unity which makes it easy for beginners (and expert users) to visualize DH convention when designing a robot.
topics - robotics, dynamics, simulation, kinematics, dh

Arduino Serial Plotter - I developed a gui to use as a drop in replacecment that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac for the built-in arduino serial plotter. I am actively maintining this project on Github, and have helped individuals with setup and use of the project on their machine.
topics - arduino, C++, serial, GUI

Miscellaneous Arduino Projects - This is a collection of some of the miscellaneous projects that I have done in my spare time which speak to some of my interests and creativity.
topics - arduino, C++, hobby