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Summary - This is a collection of some of the miscellaneous projects that I have done in my spare time which speak to some of my interests and creativity.

3D printed 3 DOF servo robot - I developed this 3D printed 3 DOF robot so that I could experiment with my development of automating of visualization of DH parameters. This 3R robot was designed and 3D printed by myself, and allows movement in 3D positional space with forward and inverse kinematics derived for control.

3D Printed 3DOF Servo Robot

3D printed 3 DOF DC motor robot - After developing my 3D printed servo-based robot, I realized that I wanted to go further and experiment with various control theories and algorithms. By switching to DC motors and using current amplifiers, I can directly provide output torques to each of the joints. Because of this, I am able to use classical formulations of dynamics, where I can provide torque inputs and predict what affect those should have on dynamics. To accomplish this, I also had to switch platforms form arduino to ESP32 so that I had true ADCs available, and to get a significantly faster clock speed. Along with this, I also made a simulation that could be used to simulate the dynamics, including mass properties, and torque inputs from the DC motors.

3D Printed 3DOF DC Motor Robot

Wooden LED Display - As a birthday gift, I made an LED display powered by an arduino that could display different messaged based on button presses. To dress up the LED display, I made a wooden display with drilled holes for the LEDs to display out of to make it more aesthetic.

LED Message Box

Two-wheeled balancing robot - My first arduino project was building a two-wheeled balancing robot. This project consists of two DC motors enabling a robot to maintain its balance based on an onboard gyro to track position. I started this project based on a tutorial, but built my own 3D printed base, and adapted code to meet my needs.

Balancing Robot